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Good Investment Management For Average People

You can pay a penny on the dollar for good investment management or pay lots more for asset management like some rich folks do. Does the latter guarantee good investment returns? No way. Whether they call themselves investment management companies or asset management firms, you lay your money down and you take your chances. Why pay more?
Investment management or asset management takes various forms for the individual investor. Hedge funds might charge 2% yearly plus 20% of profits, and are out of bounds for the average investor. You can't legally invest there unless you are rich by normal standards. That's fine with me because I'm not interested in paying big bucks for investment management that offers no guarantees. The good news is that there are some very good investment companies out there that work cheap in my opinion. If you are like most people and lack the experience and skills necessary to manage an investment portfolio, listen up.

Good investment skills take years to develop and few people ever develop them without losing considerable money during the learning process. Skip the aggravation and put the professionals to work for you on a budget. Mutual funds are the investment management alternative of choice for 10s of millions of Americans. Why? That's what they are designed to do... manage money for individual investors who are not necessarily rich or financially sophisticated. Now, let's talk about good investment management for pennies on the dollar.

Not all mutual funds, especially stock funds, are created equal when it comes down to the cost of investing. A $10,000 investment in the wrong fund could cost you $500 off the top in sales charges plus yearly expenses of $200 a year, increasing with the value of your investment. On the other hand, a similar fund with a more favorable cost structure is likely available with no sales charges and yearly expenses of less than ½%, total cost of investing. The only predictable investment performance difference between the two is the cost of investing. Every penny you pay in sales charges and fund expenses comes right out of your pocket, and acts to reduce your net profit or investment return.

The very lowest cost of investing can be found in NO-LOAD INDEX FUNDS. There are no loads (sales charges) here and low yearly expenses, because the investment management team simply invests in the basket of securities that are included in an index. For example, if you want to own a small part of a large portfolio of major stocks, an S&P 500 INDEX fund will have you invested in the 500 most valuable U.S. stocks for less than a penny on the dollar, less than ¼% a year if you pick the right one. The two largest fund companies in the country, Vanguard and Fidelity, offer no-load funds. One of them offers a nice variety of index funds at very low cost to investors.

I've followed mutual fund companies since the early 1970s; and watched as the really good investment management companies among them grew to be some of the very largest. In my opinion they reached the top by offering good performance, good service, and a low cost of investing.

By James Leitz

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Moneymaker: A Book Review

He is famous to many poker fans, and they know his name by heart. He is in a situation that many poker fans want to be in. His name is Chris Moneymaker, he was the novice poker player from Tennessee who won a seat in the "big game" The 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event.
Any person who has either watched it when it first aired on ESPN or have bought their copy of it on DVD, are all amazed to witness how a person who had only played internet poker for several months can climb the ladder to win the big pot in the 'big kahuna' of them all the WSOP Main Event.

If you have watched the DVD of the 2003 ESPN World Series of Poker, this is only the abbreviated version of this tournament. They get straight to the action, and have interviews with professional poker stars. Also, every once in a while the cameras would head straight to Moneymaker. The reporters would comment on how he only won his place in the tournament with a $40 entry fee from an online satellite poker game.

Well, now we have the full story. Moneymaker's rise to the top from his humble beginnings are well documented in his gambling autobiography: Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker.

This is a delightful book for any interested poker player; I believe you do not have to be interested in poker in order to enjoy this book. It is a very down to earth type of read. I read through it pretty quickly, and I enjoyed my time reading it.

The book details Moneymaker's humble beginnings; his father loved card games, and taught his kids how to play them. When Moneymaker was in college, he would play many types of gambling games. Moneymaker's favorite type of game was betting on Sports. Moneymaker and his friend were making pretty good money in college from his betting habits; but it started going downhill. Moneymaker accumulated a sizable amount of debt; and he had to ask his father to help pay it off.

The book also details how he then turned to BLACKJACK, and then of course his discovery of Texas Hold'em. Moneymaker was lucky to have a good woman by his side, his wife Kelly.

The beginning of the book is set up in two parts, the first part of each chapter is set on each day of the World Series of Poker Tournament. The second part focuses on Moneymaker's gambling life before the WSOP Main event. Then after he comes to the part where he wins his seat in the online poker tournament; it then transitions to the details of his play by play up to the top of the WSOP lot passing such players as Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey to win.

At the time, Chris Moneymaker was in high debt, he was an accountant for a small restaurant barely making a living to support his wife and new born child. This book chronicles Moneymaker's way out of his troubles, and into becoming the darling of the poker world.

Chris Moneymaker is now doing what he loves as being a professional poker player, and a story like this can inspire anyone who is in a similar situation as Moneymaker was.

By WC Mike

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